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At one of the most beautiful venues we've worked at, Hvedholm Castle in Faaborg, Cornelia and Scott exchanged their "I DOs" on 09.07.22 in front of their friends and family from all over the world. It was a truly spectacular day with both photo and video coverage – an ideal way to capture the day.

Sune and I (Niko) arrived early in the morning to be fully prepared to cover the couple's preparations. They were in separate rooms, ensuring they didn't see each other beforehand, and we alternated between the two, coordinating with their schedule. Following the preparations, the ceremony took place on a small veranda overlooking the water with the castle's garden as a backdrop. Though the wind was a bit strong in the morning, it eventually calmed down allowing for a smooth ceremony.


After a deliberate pause to build up the atmosphere, Cornelia, accompanied by her father, made her entrance. At the altar, Scott, alongside all their friends and family awaited her. Notably, Cornelia's grandfather officiated the wedding. As she walked in, live string musicians played, and the sunlight truly complemented the beauty of this summer day in Fyn.

Post-ceremony, there was a reception with champagne and delicious snacks, again accompanied by live string music and sunshine. We took some group photos with family and friends before taking the newlyweds out for their wedding portraits. Meanwhile, guests continued mingling and later retreated to their rooms, many choosing to change outfits for the dinner. At 6 pm, everyone gathered in the Knight's Hall and found their seats.


Once settled, the couple was warmly welcomed by their toastmaster Christian to roaring applause. The dinner was filled with humorous, touching, and deeply personal speeches for the couple, who also took a moment to address each other.

Around 11:15 pm, guests moved to the adjacent exquisite lounges where coffee and sweet treats awaited. The atmosphere was already vibrant, and close to midnight, Søren Saxoman started playing his saxophone, leading guests into the ballroom. As I was also hired as the DJ, I had set up the sound system and lights earlier in the day, readying the ballroom for its dance floor debut. Cornelia chose to share her first dance with her father, who halfway through passed her to Scott. They then invited all the guests to join them on the dance floor, and the party truly kicked off!


It was an incredible party with glowing drinks, limbo dancing, and extremely festive guests, making it a perfect culmination to a wonderful day for Scott and Cornelia.

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* All films on this site are samples of the version that customers receive. The full films last 14-20 minutes, depending on the package booked.

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